source: Austin Akpehe – Galaxy Sports Academy

Didier Drogba is telling us about building revolutionary stadiums for the Ivorian populace without the funds of the government. These are the kind of leaders we need in West Africa. Africa’s main problem in this sport is that of facilities. All can testify to this. We have the worst sports facilities you can find in this world. Our coaches are expected to train football players to contend against those that have the best facilities in the world and so far we can say the coaches have not done too bad (given the state of facilities in West Africa.)


Here, Didier is coming with a plan. Yes, this plan will change the narrative. With standard world class football fields spread across Cote D’ Ivoire. An African country will stand a chance of winning the World Cup soon. You guys (ex-professionals) know what you all learned football on. Didier has identified our problems and is ready to change the narratives for you. If we have mega facilities like Didier is promising his people, I think AFRICA will soon win the World Cup, no argument! 




What is even more appealing to the ears is the kind of sponsorships he is ready to pull in for the League de Ivorian professional league.

I think we should be frank and tell ourselves the truth! The Ivorians should be tired of the current system which Sidy Diallo and Sory Diabate are a part of. Staff of the current FA are not paid and the working conditions of their staff are terrible. The Ivorians should be tired and frustrated with this old system- Sidy-Sory. The ex-professionals were favored by Sory Diabate according to reports but there is something greater than that. I think if these people are and were truly national hero’s, they should understand that it’s now all about bringing back light to the Football Ivorian Federation.

Placing the nation first would be doing the right thing. They can’t say Sory aided 10 of them in becoming coaches and therefore he deserves their votes. The future of the Ivorian youths is at stake here.


Yes, for sure, I praise the work of Diallo and Sory, but it’s time to pave way for a new system to be tested. A system that Team DD is going around proving is workable. Sory doesn’t have anything new to offer. If he has I think it was already exhausted and we see that it hasn’t worked for a long period. FIF is almost dead as at this moment. Team DD is promising mouth watering lights out there. Who would listen to all he is coming on board with and still want to continue with that old system?


Austin Akpehe in support of Team DD – Galaxy Sports Academy