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Published on


17th May, 2022


The choice of South America for friendlies for the Super Eagles still points to the fact that some masters are still missing among decision makers up there.


After the controversies regarding football in the past years, the leadership of the NFF is ready to continue with same errors that has made our national male football team to become sour. Why choose South American countries for our friendlies whereas we are heading to an AFCON qualifier? We could do a tactical maneuver like some nations also pulled out of our friendlies last minute.


We need friendly games against our African nations at this point. This is the only thing that might bring back the confidence in our players when they face these African nations, and even qualify for the nations cup. Don’t shy away from friendlies against our African counterparts.





We are aware that there is more money to make if the team travels this journey to the USA, but I think it is time to tell ourselves the truth. The way we were thrown out of the nations cup and Ghana humiliating us, definitely shows we need more games with these countries around us. Nigeria needs its pride back.


Will winning against Ecuador and Mexico bring back such pride to us? Definitely not!

Here is the trick.

Almost no good coach works without understudying his opponent. After doing that, then you go to work by organizing or selecting friendlies with teams that are similar in style of play with your opponents. This is a simple way the technical men should use to select friendlies and insist the big men to work with.


Testing the Super Eagles against Ecuador and Mexico to me is almost a complete waste of both resources and time. “We definitely have to plan if not we end up without a plan!”


Welcome on board, Jose Paseiro!


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