The ongoing ISF World Cup, known as secondary schools World Cup, is currently ongoing in Dalian, China. 


The games kicked off with great football from participating schools across the globe. 


Brazil set the tournament ablaze last night when they decided to humiliate Canada by 37 goals to 0. A football game, the Candadian school coach will not easily erase off his books in a long while.


Some crazy results in both the boys and girls teams so far.


The boys’ teams saw Guinea demolish India 22 – 0. China beat Bulgaria 11 – 0. Belgium wallop India 17 – 0 and Croatia also dealt India a 17 – 0 blow. Germany beat Mexico 11 – 0.


Nigeria also saw some games with a large scoreline, as their girls’ teams mouled the Chech Republic 13 – 0 and Canada10 – 0 on the 21st of May. Brazil also overwhelmed the Chech Republic by 24 – 0. Morocco downed Bangladesh 11 – 0.


The Brazilian result can only sound encouraging for the South American secondary school that showed their players had football talent that can go beyond just school football. 


Canada still has some huge work to do, especially in youth football development. This result clearly shows that a lot of Canadian schools need coaches who are passionate about developing these young kids who love the sport from a tender age. Just as education is only fun when you study the right way, football has to definitely be fun too. When you practice in the right way, you also tend to see results over time, especially when you intend to develop your game to become an elite athlete. 


Many young kids through this event are dreaming of also playing in the World Cup some day soon for their various national teams and not just in an ISF World Cup. 


This event seems to have caught the attention of the whole world as prominent football stakeholders from across the globe were seen during the event. 


We do hope to see this event develop to become one of the greatest recognized youth football event globally, but I sure do expect to see less of the Brazil vs Canada result in ISF World Cups going forward.


Hope to be there to watch the finals live on the 27th of May, 2027, and give you more updates.



By Editor

Galaxy Sports media