Galaxy Sports Academy proves Flight FC Gboko.






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2nd March 2021


Two top football tacticians engaged themselves on Saturday the 29th of February, at the Aper Aku Stadium Makurdi in a friendly encounter. Coach Dominic Mbashinya lead his Galaxy Sports Academy boys out against Coach Terfa Daniel Aka ‘Antse’ of Flight FC Gboko.


The Gboko based team came up highly prepared and full of action against the Galaxy Sports Academy Makurdi based team. Flight FC used this game in preparation for its first match in the Nationwide League One due to kickstart on the 7th of March 2021. The highly competitive match started with fireworks coming from both ends. A beautiful combination of play in the 12th minute saw the very strong, intelligent and skillful striker of Galaxy Sports Academy Godfrey Utim who returned on loan from Inter Allies FC of Ghana displace the defense of Flight FC and lay a neat pass for Francis Duru to finish on goal.


Flight FC put pressure on the defense of Galaxy Sports Academy but the center back composed by Valentine Aban and George Torto kept its back four on top as the whistle for the first 45 minutes sounded.


At the start of the second-half, it was the team of coach Terfa Daniel that swang up into action with fireworks in search of an equaliser. It took them only 15 minutes to get back to the game as a cross from the left flank was ruled for a handball and the spot kick neatly converted.



Flight FC Gboko came up strong taking shots from long-range that failed to be on target. On the other side the attack of Galaxy Sports had some ill luck on goal as the woodwork kept them from taking back the lead.



Flight FC were able to keep the game in a stalemate as a beautiful combination from Galaxy Sports’ strong leftback Audu Baba found his winger Jonathan Alukwu whose goalbound shot beat the keeper but was intelligently flicked to corner.



As the match drew to a close, a counter attack by Flight FC was ruled for an offside then Ghanaian international goalkeeper of Galaxy Sports Academy quickly started an intelligent counter attack that saw its Malian international striker Moussa Diarra take on the defense of Flight FC then lay to Timi Olutokun the classy left center forward striker who finished with a jab on goal.


Final score: Galaxy Sports Academy 2-1 Flight FC.


Galaxy Sports Academy is known to have very young African talented football players that can play on any top level since it’s CEO Mr. Austin Akpehe has put up a tremendous work behind the team by preparing the players for international markets.

Flight FC is a Gboko based team that has become a very strong side in Benue State and currently among the Nationwide League One teams that will be fighting to gain promotion to the NNL this season.


Courtesy Gsports