The Oju and Konshisha Communal Crises Affects Young Football Players of Galaxy Sports Academy Makurdi







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15th May, 2021


It is not news that the Gungul axis of Konshisha Benue State was greatly hit by the communal crises that lead to the lose of our dear military men and the search for the bandits forced the military to burn houses, farms, markets etc., all around the villages of Gungul and its near.


Galaxy Sports Academy is into social investment development through grassroots football. Last year, the management of Galaxy Sports Academy staged a scouting event in Gungul, Konshisha. It was brought to the notice of its CEO when he arrived from China, that the Konshisha axis in Benue State had highly talented young football players that had no means of sponsorship and exposure, therefore, all become waste. They quickly staged a scouting event there to see if this was true.


The Konshisha local coaches were so glad and claimed God sent us to take this heavy burden off them. We selected several players that came from Korinya, Agberagba, Awajir, Gungul and other nearby lacalities. The affected players were invited to Makurdi and later selected for our international projects that are geared towards helping young skilled footballers.


Communal Disaster

The crises in the axis of Konshisha shocked the entire management staff. We all called ourselves as we watched the news and read from social media. The houses of several persons were burnt down to ashes. 



Affected Players

Unfortunately, four of the young football players that are all under 18 years have been completely affected by this crises, namely;

1. Suur Kumaga

2. Jeremiah Adaa Gungul

3. George Torto

4. Tarkaa Ushahemba.


The management of Galaxy Sports Academy chose today to visit, interact, and witness the horror that made our young players to become depressive and shattered. Their parents were scattered with diverse persons just to find shelter and patiently wait for what to feed for survival. We gathered information on ground and learned help was on its way and some had received


Galaxy Sports Academy is using every media outlet to call on support from Government, NGO’s and Charity organizations that understand what it means to become destitute because of communal crises and to show concern to these young footballers lodged at our camp at Aper Aku stadium Makurdi. They need your everything now. These young boys have to compete against the best football players in the world coming from South America, Asia, Europe, and mostly Africa for the similar purpose of being the best.

 This is the moment to show what you are truly made of. We are not giving up on them since they have become our new family.

Come on, together we can save a child out there!Call: 08067051328 to directly support these young boys and show your sympathy (“I was hungry and you fed me” – Mathew 25: 35-40.)

By management of Galaxy Sports Academy

Courtesy: Gsprts. some little support.