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14th February, 2023


I think ANPU has missed it all. Which country has two rival football Unions? Should we talk truth? You guys should be ashamed of such assertions. It isn’t anyone that’s been made to function less but the very footballers you claim you are trying to help. You’re just been used to shoot your very selves in the foot and you even try to proud yourselves!?


Onochukwu says;

“All we are out to do is for the benefit of our members who have been complaining about the absence of a true union that can represent their interest”.


What have you done so far for the benefit of your members? Let’s know the cases you’ve supported footballers in or whistles you blew when things were moving wrong with our football in Nigeria. Our ears are wide open, please.


“The other groups have been there for more than three decades without anything to show for their existence, they are only interested in criticizing the NFF but they fail to tell Nigerians that they benefited from the same NFF they’re antagonizing”.


You quickly forget that most of you guys were a party to this same Union called PFAN that formed ‘the merger.’ And, how do you even state that they might have benefitted from this same NFF that they seem ungrateful and you still claim they aren’t a recognized Player’s Union? Help us make sense, please.


Olisa who is an ex-international footballer with playing experiences in Nigeria, Yugoslavia, China, and Austria stated further that the All Nigeria Players Union has attributes that make its group different from other players’ unions in the country.


Are there even supposed to be two player’s unions in the country? I think I am missing out on the point Olisa is making here. Think of how you can form a single voice to represent the truth for Nigerian footballers and stop the hide-and-seek game you are using ANPU to play.


“We are the only ones that have written letters to NFF, CAF, and FIFA they replied to us and told us we’re the apex players union in the country with the then NFF President congratulating”.


We also hear the former President of the NFF helped to form ANPU. Well, so many stories everywhere. But if it is true that he formed ANPU to ONLY destroy the genuineness of PFAN that most of you were a party to, then generations to come will tell the stories of the woes of our football union in Nigeria, and how their ‘parents’ intentionally created certain groups to kill the mechanisms that would be a true check to their fathers’ shortcomings. How the NFF addressed and related to this PFAN before the crises they had with them surprised me since you still term it a fake at this point.


This is the way I submit my truth.


Austin Akpehe

Executive Chairman

Galaxy Sports Development China and Galaxy Sports Academy Nigeria