The NFF Presidency Draws Near Who Dares To Come On Board?



Austin Akpehe,

Gsports production.


Published on


2nd May, 2022


We all agree that with the current system in place in the NFF, it is hard for an ex-player that has what it takes to get to the Presidency of the NFF. The last time an ex-player came so close, we can see how the manipulated results brought us to our knees today.


Dominic Lorfa got to the final round, then all let loose against him. Maybe, because he didn’t totally understand the name of the game his contender was up or his ego was never appreciated by his fellow stakeholders. “Perhaps” his story would have been better than what we have today.


The current voting system has to be corrected and made fair. If not, our football will never breed the several potentials hiding within. There are several guys here, that tested football and have the kind of drive and capacity to make things happen. There are some that never practically tested football but also have the football know-how and success drive in various ways, that can successfully help our football to grow. We also have some that tested football on a competitive manner but not to the highest levels, but have over the years studied and worked as administrators and might even have a better ecosystem too.


Persons like; Jay Jay, Kanu, Babangida, The Bull, Popo, Akpoborie, Oliseh, Idah, Siasia, Babayaro snr., Owunmi, Odegbami, Edema Fuludu, Jalla, T.J Disu, Emenalo, Olofinjana, and several others, that can make a difference but not mentioned here, seems to have something special administratively.


The first thing is, if you feel you aren’t qualified because of your educational background, then, get the necessary training in due season and come showcase what you have in the form of football administration on that level and don’t just sit on a low level and expect to be called upon. Yes, sometimes or most times, honorarium happens on this kind of stage, but that’s rare and we agree, that Nigeria is not ready for that for now.


I believe these guys and many more are talented and hungry but it takes more than that. Will some of you guys be planning to come in and run errands for the presidency (Nigerian government), then halt at this point. Even the Nigerian government is tired of the promises and sweet talk, and ready for people with a long term plan that can push for their special ideology or methodologies to be put in place. I am talking about, people with an independent mind and the kind of a peculiarity that a sportsman has.

The one has a deficiency from the other. As their deficiencies vary, they could also pitch their tents together and form a formidable team that would give us results.


I am sure that the current NFF Board also has very knowledgeable persons that are hiding their know-how because maybe, the current boss claims to know it all. Those are people that should be also highly considered if this one sided system changes. And, of course, if the ministry of sports is not biased in dishing out its instructions too. 



I hardly hear of Alhj. Mohammed Sanusi, who is supposed to be running the NFF secretariat. As far as I know, the NFF is structured to run in a correct way but it is run in a very wrong manner. Don’t come on board and make the secretariat become redundant and seem lost in ideas, just because you are SO SELFISH.


We all know where the presence of the President of the NFF is needed ( mostly, signing of documents on a big level). Our President should in no way be seen negotiating with players to come and play in the national team’s, dictating who should start a game or not and be subsituted.


Normally, he isn’t supposed to negotiate these contracts, but supervise, advise, and seal them up. We know the role of the President, and understand pure football administration. I know that our outgoing President is trying hard but sometimes in the wrong way or you intentionally want to destroy the POWERFUL office of your G.S. of which you play almost all their roles. Mallam Shehu Dikku is still heard because he has something that makes him refuse to stay calm and stepped upon. Let the known people gearing to come onboard study and understand how the NFF secretariat is structured and keep to their roles.

Lastly, my candid advise goes to the next man that might come on board. You might be a ‘master’ but should never play all roles. You can posses the skill of advising in every department but never play the role of your board members, coaches, technical men, curators, except you intend to play the role of a cleaner too 🙁


Also, I know that the strength of a “Technical Director or Advisor” lies in the qualities of his Chief Coach. That’s how the President and his General Secretary MUST work (9&10 or 5&6).


Get some young and enthusiastic men to work closely with you, and see how easy it might take you and your team to make the face of Nigerian football work.


You can’t run away from your true calling