Michaellee Global Concepts Nigeria and Agency Football Conzult Ivory Coast, Partners Galaxy Sports Development China to Develop Football Talent in Ogun State, Nigeria.





Austin Akpehe,

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Published on


17th June, 2022


Football is a global sport and it is known that best players are those still in the rural areas.


Galaxy Sports Development China with its Eagle Eye Scouting Team has stormed Ilaro and Otta in Ogun State for one whole week, to hunt young football talent and expose them to the international market. The Eagle Eye Scouts of Gsports are what you can call the football SSS: ‘special selection scouts.’ They are endowed with German football methodology, on how to project young football players that could become super stars in the near future, if given the needed training and opportunities.


The CEO of Global Concepts Nigeria, Mr. Prince Adedayo said; “This scouting event has given most of these grassroot players here a big hope and reasons to keep it going. I can see there are lots of super stars going to come out of here, and with this developmental project, more will be discovered, and I won’t be surprised that some of the scouted players will be competing at the top very soon, because I can see it in them. That’s why I will continue reaching for the Stars in these young lads.”



The tour of the best football hubs in Ogun State welcomed this new development, since it is a viable youth development project. Young players will be selected and kept in a concentration camp (TDC) for 8 weeks in preparation for a trip abroad to play international friendly games with top European teams.


The Executive Chairman of Agency Football Conzult Ivory Coast asserted; “with my view, I saw several raw talents that can become the next Simon Moses of tomorrow. I see Ogun state producing so many future stars that will represent Nigeria.”


Galaxy Sports Development is bent on supporting grassroots players and turning them into shining stars all over the place. That’s the main aim of founding Galaxy Sports Academy Nigeria. The franchise will continue to go into viable partnerships with sports organizations from state to national levels, corporate companies, and state governments that have the success of their youths at heart.


This agreement is to give grassroots players from this part of Nigeria the opportunity to be involved and gain exposure to substantial football management knowledge at the early developmental stage of their careers.


The Executive Chairman of Galaxy Sports Development China and Galaxy Sports Academy Nigeria, Mr. Austin Akpehe, made it known that the majority of young players from Nigeria are without the basic knowledge of what a Player’s Agent contract is or what a club contract and academy agreement even looks like. Some don’t even know what Parental Consent is. He said these are the reasons why several Nigerian players are into slave contracts or deceived into jumping out of contracts and sometimes destroying their young careers prematurely.

The versatile football expert said “all youth football clubs, academies, and in fact, every grassroots team in Nigeria will be encouraged to call our numbers and frequently visit our website and social media handles to read and seek advice regarding indecisions with clubs, academies, and agents. This service will be rendered for free. This idea is to help the innocent young players to have an opportunity of knowing exactly what they might face when they become professional players and how to let your job go beyond just a one-season player.


All the parties agreed to closely work with the new Talent Development Center (TDC) of Galaxy Sports Academy in Abuja, in other to implement these new tasks.


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