The CEO of Galaxy Sports responds to jives from GS of the NFF Alhaji Sanusi, Hon. Egbe, and Mr. Jalla!





Published on

14th February, 2023

According to our well respected GS Alhaji Mohammed Sanusi, “Ugborodu had unenvisaged problems: community, etc.”


“Just 4 days ago, we raised the issue of Ugborodu with FIFA, including the difficulty of assessing the land, the nature of the land, the inflation due to the present economic realities the world is facing.”


The above assertion from Alhaji Sanusi sounds also accurate but it seems the project has so much difficulties and might be way backwards because of the good excuses put forward to FIFA by our GS.


On the contrary, according to Hon. Egbe, “We have staff residing and working in Ogborodo, we spent over a year cutting down the 10% steep slope to a level that is suitable for a stadium construction, the overgrown grasses in his picture is actually the pitch level, the pitch level and drainage was constructed over a year ago”.


I am of the opinion that Hon. Egbe should also kindly give us pictures to this regards with the current state of affairs to that effect, then it might help us quench the doubts, just like we’ve seen in the case with Kebbi (quality of your work is key in the end anyway.)


The NFF is the mechanism we all want to be proud of within Nigeria and the diaspora. Many unanswered questions are hovering all over the place but this bold and correct step taken by the GS to immediately clear the air in such a mature way should be highly appraised.


I personally see Mr. Harrison Jalla as an instrument that is pricking the NFF to wake up to the call. The challenge is already here and the new NFF board clearly understands the message been passed on by Mr. Jalla.


The public awaits a result that would definitely be evaluated. The consultant to the said projects has a conscience and just the way the FIFA Goal Project in Abuja makes us feel when we visit to watch our national teams

and also organize our activities there, just to post them on social media after editing the bushy surroundings that show a work that’s never been concluded after years!? Let’s not even dare to talk about the poor state of the entire work in the FIFA Go Project in Abuja lest you’ll be crucified. A mini stadium without a roof and stands is what is quite embarrassing when we daily use that place.


Funnily, we all go there to stand or rent a seat to watch even our millionaire players play the leather game with our mouths sealed. Oh, Nigeria, who will save you from this rot?


If Mr. Harrison Jalla would be proven wrong, then our football must have been fixed by Alhaji Gusau, the current NFF President. This a task the President has started doing and testing to fix quite well and the General Secretary Alhaji Sanusi is joining hands to make this new change possible.


Austin Akpehe

Executive Chairman

Galaxy Sports Development China and Galaxy Sports Academy Nigeria