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30th December, 2022


Who also used the Pele videos to become a great player?


I must confess, Pele was my main inspiration when I was bent on becoming a professional footballer during my teenage years, in the early 90’s.


I would watch Pele videos, his trainings and passion for the game was just too superb.


In training, I would practice his different individual dribbles like 50 times daily. I became obsessed with his training.


When it started working for me as a player, I was named Abedi Pele by my peers. The speed, strength, and skill on the ball became a part of my game.


While playing for Ashanti Kotoko of Ghana in 1996, we played an international game in Kumasi against PETROSPORT of Gabon. After the game, the players of PETEOSPORT all were struggling to take pictures with me. I was surprised, it never ended up at the stadium, but my hotel room was gagged by the Gabonese players.


I have several other players I emulated on the field but Pele was the father of all. He is the most complete player to have lived. Strong, Speed, and Skillful and he wanted every other person to learn from his skill also.


Pele made videos and documentaries showing how to become an expert in lifting and heading balls. My best video of his then “Pele The Master and His Method” helped me the most.


I still recommend the videos of Pele to my players today. It helped me and I believe it can help many also!


Rest on, King of Football!


By Austin Akpehe