Is Akwa United FC to be vindicated when we read about clubs in the NPFL that refuse to respect contracts?





Published on

7th February, 2022

I think that it is ‘you and i’ that can rise up and say no to certain archaic ways of administration that most NPFLclubs are still using.

They do not respect contracts and insult people that ask for what is rightfully theirs.

Where are our fathers? Were their own fathers that way? My father told me to always try to keep to terms of agreement even if it is a “gentleman’s agreement.” he daily says “you shouldn’t go into agreement with someone when you are not sure of what you want because you must fulfill that agreement!”

Club administrators in other african countries respect contracts. What is wrong with some Nigerian club administrators? How can they even try to crucify pinnick? It means they are not qualified to even throw a tiny stone!


I played for the famous Asante Kotoko Fc of Ghana, and they never owed me money! I played for stade d’ abidjan cote d’ ivoire and they respected contract terms. I played for stationary stores, Nigerdock Fc Lagos, and Kano Pillars fc. They all respected contract terms! It means something is wrong with those administrators. They are the ones making our football to be laughed at but in the background and claiming others are failures.


As a club owner today, do i have to always be telling current Nigerian football administrators that they have to know how to manage others? Meaning, in sports administration, you owe everyone under you an explanation even the curator, and you do not have to be angry with everyone when you are not able to raise money to fulfill contract terms. The true key🔑 to becoming a successful sports administrator is “being able to serve.” you have to be able to negotiate with the people you owe before the issues escalate. That is a part of management.

Aside fromKwara United, heartland, and sunshine, who are ‘known’ offenders, i want to still add Akwa United as a team that is so disappointing in terms of keeping to contract terms!

Please list the clubs you know should also be on this list. Let us not keep quiet.

Lastly, which clubs did you play in the olden days that respected contracts which you know would have been the best clubs in nigeria in terms of administration today?

Regards, Austin