It happened in camp on the 6th of February 2019 in the Snake Farm camp Keffi road where our players are enjoying some classical football preparation.

Most are aware of the relationship Galaxy Sports China started through its representatives in Nigeria by encouraging sportsmen across the country. That is what led to this great initiative in which I insisted Conquerors FA be responsible for my tickets, accommodation, logistics, and feeding during my stay in Nigeria for the tryouts which included the payment for referees and coordinators and as well camping periods. CONQUERORS FA ASSURED ME THEY WERE READY BEFORE I ACCEPTED TO COME DOWN AND GET TO WORK!

I received notice from several persons that Conquerors FA posted in a forum that all payments concerning this tryouts should be put on hold! I can confidently say it is because Conquerors FA was not yet financially ready to pay the bills involved in raising and training the selected players in camp in order to showcase abroad and therefore feels this event should now become a failure been reasons for such a post.

Conquerors FA was unable to fulfill its obligations especially logistics, which put me at high-security risks throughout these periods.

I made sure all the coordinators were happy and able to give us their full services from my first day into Nigeria. I HAVE ALSO BEEN RESPONSIBLE FOR FINANCING THE CAMPS FROM DAY-1 TO DATE. Conquerors FA also failed to take charge in this obligation!

ALL MY ACTIONS HAVE BEEN OUT OF FAITH IN THE PLAYERS I PICKED. I HAVE BELIEVE IN MARKETING THESE PLAYERS THAT IS WHY I HAD TO STEP IN WITH MY FINANCE THAT WAS MEANT FOR SOMETHING ELSE! Let us collectively help them use this method to showcase themselves abroad. Let's not rather be a stumbling block to their successes.

We thank the parents and sponsors that came to Snake Farm to watch their players perform very greatly in the last two games. They can testify that my expertise and education out there IS NOT A WASTE!