China: Becoming A Muscle In Football Or Not!
China continues its surge into becoming a major force in football.




Decembeer 20, 2020

I have met many persons, especially in Hunan, China, with great surge and motivation coupled with hard work, all to realize the dream of not just the Chinese President, but also of the people of China.

Looking at the gross Chinese football reform and development program of 2015 we can say China is putting “all majors on board” in achieving the vision 2025. There has been a massive promotion of the growth of talented youth and major moves to establishing school teams at all levels of education. Hunan has not been left out. If these major moves are allowed to be practicable in or before 2020 in Hunan, then football will once again be said to be made in China. 

Current statistics of participants in football till now reads 3.6 as against basketball that stands at 6.5. That will keep rising until 2020. Hence the football reform of president Xi Jinping has touched the four football competition systems: Elementary school, Middle school, High school, and College. 

Can Campus Football take China there? 
Campus football has led its way through the training of coaches “en masse” for the achievement of the agenda to build China as a great sports nation.

The work of the football associations and that of the schools matter the most. The one is weaker without the other.
•Schools: systematically keeping the health of the “little man” intact from a tender age (Basic Development Age) while he learns and plays football in school through employment and training of the right persons to help the kids climb the ladder.
•Football Associations: providing the necessary platforms for more and better football development when talent is discovered (Talent Development-Elite Development-Top Football), especially encouraging private sectors to massively build several private academies meant to be special for extra training and setting up an enhanced scouting systems for all. 

After the Chinese government's great reconciliation of odd football activities in football organizations in China, TRUST has and MUST be returned to the football associations for better expertise in the implementation of the great Chinese football vision. 

The football association’s role is more than just making and overseeing the implementation of football laws from local to national levels. 

The Hunan Football Association under the guidance of its former Secretary-General Mr. An Zhong led the association to promote football; lead the game with integrity; ascertain compliance of participation; tackle and address both discipline and discrimination, and lastly working towards the development of Chinese and grassroots teams. 

If the football associations and education boards can solely complement one another in executing their roles, then good football coaches will continue to emerge in the Chinese market. 

Never give up on this collective goal! Xia You To China. 

I end by quoting my very words: 
“only passion is not enough and without passion, you would not last.”

By Austin