117th Ranked Angolans Hold Algeria with a draw in style



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16th January, 2023

Algeria VS Angola

AFCON Code D'Ivoire

Who thought Angola could hold this Algerian side after the final whistle? Both coaches, Pedro Valdemar and Djamel Belmadi have came to look for a win in their first AFCON game in Cote d'Ivoire.

The game started in style, in the small city of Bouake, as both sides battled to secure the midfield. Fredy, the captain of Angola and Show showed much stability in this battle to gain control over Belaili of Algeria. Ait-Nouri, the Algerian left-back was unstoppable as his movement deep into the attack always created danger for the Angolans.

The fireworks came mainly from the Algerian side with several attempts on goal. In the 6th minute, it was the fantastic volley of Chaibi that really caught the eyes of the spectators.
Angola had their first dangerous attempt on goal in the 16th minute with a counterattack that saw a shot from Gelson Dala blocked by Mandi for a corner kick for Angola. The same corner kick became a nightmare as the Algerian goalkeeper snatched the ball and headed for a counterattack deep in the midfield and a superb pass found Baghdad Bounedjah who made it seem easy with a direct tap-in to give Algeria their first goal in the 18th minute.

In the 20th minute, the Angolans pushed and pressured more in the midfield to get more action in the attack, but the Algerians seemed to dominate the affair at this point.

In the 24th minute, a tremendous bicycle kick by the Algerian striker Baghdad Bounedjah was ruled offside by VAR. A goal which might have been the best in the tournament.

The game was seen as a battle from both sides as the Angolans failed to find the target after breaking through. The Algerian side tried to score a second goal to give them a two-goal lead before the whistle went for halftime.

The second half started in style with the Angolans getting the first goal attempt and the Algerians surging for a second goal. The several offensive attempts in the second half by the Black Sable Antelopes of Angola saw the Les Fennecs of Algeria giving in to the pressure with a foul by Bentaleb on Mabululu of Angola in the 64th minute. The same Mabululu converted the spot-kick as his first shot hit the top of the bar twice after a bounce on the goal line, but he was first to reach it and tap in for the equalizer.

The remaining game left Algeria throwing all its forces in the attack but the Angolans were able to retain the pressure in their defense. The many dangerous set-plays of Riyad Mahrez were unable to give the Les Fennecs of Algeria the eagerly needed winning goal.

Algeria as an African football powerhouse, is now under much pressure since their last AFCON ended with a first-round ouster even as defending champions. They definitely wouldn't want to find themselves in the same situation in AFCON in 2024.

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